Regulated by the Department of Banking and Insurance, the Fund provides opportunities to:

  • Predict and control future costs
  • Save money by reducing expenses included in the premiums that would otherwise go to an insurance company
  • Improve your cash flow by paying only fixed plan expenses and for claims that actually occur
  • Earn interest on funds until utilized
  • Save additional money when claims are lower than projected in a given plan year
  • Cap your overall risk exposure at a manageable level
  • Provide long-term stability in your health benefits program costs

The Central Jersey Fund and its members place an emphasis on preventative care and wellness. All employees have access to wellness portals and personal health coaching.

The Fund also offers an accessible claims appeal process that assures employees and dependents have coverage concerns addressed with care and discretion.

The Central Jersey Fund offers a variety of plan designs needed by its members to comply with collective contracting agreements. In addition, the Fund is offering plans similar to those offered by the private sector including High Deductible Health Savings Account and Health Reimbursement Account plans.

Cost-Effective Health Benefits

Long-term solution to control escalating benefit costs while providing programs for employees to obtain quality care.

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